Landscape Maintenance in Bala Cynwyd

Most Bala Cynwyd homeowners take great pride in the lawns outside their homes. And why shouldn’t they? Maintenance of a beautiful home landscape requires a lot of time, energy, and dedication, and it’s right to be proud of a job well done.

So when the warm months approach, it’s time to start thinking about your home’s landscape maintenance strategy. In the dark days of winter, it’s easy to be optimistic about how much time you’ll want to spend outside working on your home’s yard.

But the reality of the matter is often quite different. After 40 or more hours spent at work, spending a weekend trimming hedges and pulling weeds begins to look less like a fun hobby and more like a backbreaking chore.

If this scenario sounds familiar to you, maybe it’s time to hire a professional. Pat Calabrese & Son LLC is the premier landscaping company in all of Bala Cynwyd, and in addition to designing and installing new landscapes for your home, we also maintain your existing one, while providing top quality customer service.

Lawn Care and Lawn Aeration – Keys to a Healthy Landscape

A service that basically every homeowner can use is regular lawn care. The grass outside your home often looks quite simple—but looks can be deceiving. Those tiny green blades actually house sophisticated root structures underneath, making your lawn a complicated living thing.

As a result, it can be easy to overlook basic tenets of lawn care or to mow your lawn only when convenient. And we’re willing to bet you haven’t even given much thought to the importance of aeration for a healthy and happy landscape.

Rather than invest in a clunky and pricy lawn aerator that will gather dust in your shed, call Pat Calabrese & Son LLC. We offer full-service landscape maintenance including lawn care. Schedule regular appointments with our trusty team and you’ll never have to worry about replacing those gardener’s gloves again!

Leave Your Grass Clippings on Your Lawn

Have you been dousing your lawn with various fertilizers for years, but have yet to get the results you want? Your lawn might even be covered with thatch, or maybe decaying brown spots are scattered throughout your property.

Have you heard about grasscycling? At Pat Calabrese & Son LLC, this new practice is all the rage.

What is grasscycling? It is the most healthy and sustainable way to keep your lawn green and healthy.

You might be wondering what grasscycling entails, right? Does it involve a lot of upkeep, an expensive sprinkler system, and imported fertilizer? Nope! Grasscycling actually means less work for you, your family and your landscaping company. All that’s required of you is that you leave your grass clippings on your grass after you finish mowing the lawn.

This might sound messy and counterintuitive, so we’ll explain a bit of the science to you. When you or Pat Calabrese & Son LLC’s team of landscapers and mowers leave the grass clippings on your lawn, those clippings act like compost. The clipping’s moisture and nutrients are returned to the soil in your yard, guaranteeing a healthier and consistently green lawn. Grass clippings are great because they don’t cost a penny, and they help reduce the need for harmful chemical fertilizers.

Worried that these grass clippings will lead to thatch buildup? Don’t worry at all. Grass clippings and thatch aren’t the same things. Thatch is made up of dead roots, stems and various rhizomes that sit on the surface of the soil. Thatch appears on a lawn when it is treated with excessive chemical fertilizers. Grass clippings will actually help eliminate thatch by enriching the top layer of soil, which will help break down any existing thatch.

Still worried that grass clippings will create an unsightly lawn? Give it a try first and see what you think. And remember, you don’t need to have the grass clippings on your lawn every day of the year. It doesn’t take long for them to decompose into the soil!

Want to hear more about eco-friendly lawn care? Just give Pat Calabrese & Son LLC a call!

The Benefits of Paths and Walkways

Clearly demarcated and well-constructed pathways don’t just make the lawn of your home or business look nice, they also benefit the health of your lawn.

When you have well-designed and visible walkways that lead visitors through your backyard garden or front lawn, those visitors won’t carelessly march over your flowerbeds or walk on the delicate parts of your lawn. When guests stick to these paths, they’re less likely to accidentally stumble over any sprinklers, decorative stones or fallen branches. In the end, an easy-to-navigate pathway is as much for your benefit as it is for your guests!

Are you interested in stone walkways for your garden path? Then give Pat Calabrese & Son LLC a call. We have years of experience when it comes to constructing stone pathways and other hardscaping services.

Commercial Lawn Maintenance

It isn’t just homeowners that need to worry about how their lawn looks to passersby—curb appeal affects business owners too! If you have an unkempt or untidy-looking lawn out front your commercial property, it’s unfortunate but understandable that potential customers might assume you’re disorganized in matters of business.

The fact is, humans rely on visual cues to make judgments about their everyday lives. And an unappealing and overgrown yard in front or back of a business means your clients will infer all sorts of negative things about your operation.

Take back clients’ perceptions into your own hands and schedule regular commercial lawn maintenance with Pat Calabrese & Son LLC. Our trained technicians are reliable and always do the job right according to your expert requirements. Whether you need maintenance once weekly or once monthly, you’ll be amazed at how a few pennies spent can mean dollars earned in new business, and all because you took the time to beautify the lawn outside your business!

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