Landscaping in Bala Cynwyd

Whether we care to admit it or not, many people do judge a book by its cover. And when it comes to your Bala Cynwyd home, your yard and garden is often the first thing that people pay attention to. So, if you want to make sure that the first impressions of your Bala Cynwyd home are as memorable as possible for all the right reasons, then you need to call Pat Calabrese & Son LLC today and allow us to take care of your landscaping needs in a professional and efficient manner.

With a wealth of experience in all aspects of professional landscape design, there is no job too big or task too small for our team of landscaping professionals. From day one, our business was founded with one goal in mind: to provide a premier range of superior landscaping services for the homeowners of Bala Cynwyd. Having started out as a two-man operation, we have grown into a full-service professional landscaping service that can meet your home’s every need.

So, if you want a superior landscaping service that will go the extra mile for you, then you need to contact us right away. Our reputation for providing unrivalled attention to detail and a superior standard of customer service means that we should always be the first number you call!

Three Top Landscaping Tips for Your Home

At Pat Calabrese & Son LLC, we always do our utmost to make sure that our residential clients are as informed as possible when it comes to landscaping tips. For us, the job of a landscaper goes above and beyond the basic lawn care and shrub maintenance. So, when you contact us for your lawn and gardening needs, you can rest assured that you will receive a full landscaping service that delivers real results for you. With that in mind, here are three top landscaping tips that can enhance the look and feel of your Bala Cynwyd home:

  • Strong Edging: There is no doubt about it, it is very important to have barriers between your lawn and garden. At Pat Calabrese & Son LLC, we can help you obtain strong edging which can be done with materials like plastic, steel or stone.
  • Simple Irrigation System: One of the biggest mistakes that many Bala Cynwyd homeowners make is not watering their garden enough. We can install a simple drip-irrigation system that can be attached to a spigot with a timer.
  • Add More Mulch: Mulch is primarily used to help maintain your yard’s soil, but it is also decorative. In general, we recommend that you use darker mulch as it helps the color of your plants stand out.

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If you are based in the Bala Cynwyd area and want a superior landscaping service for your home, then you need to call us at Pat Calabrese & Son LLC today and allow us to do what we do best.