Aeration in Media

The big-box lawn and garden centers make a fortune every spring and fall selling additives that are meant to help turn your lawn into that bright, beautiful green blanket of grass that it’s supposed to be. So too do the sprinkler supply and installation companies, because of course, a watered lawn is a healthy lawn. Yet even a combined plan of recommended lawn treatments and consistent watering isn’t always enough to guarantee you a good-looking, weed-free yard. Why? Media clients have been coming to us here at Pat Calabrese & Son with that exact question for years.

The answer? Aeration! Aerating your lawn is necessary part of keeping it happy and healthy. While it may be easy to forget, grass is a living thing. Thus, it needs the same sort of sustenance that any living being needs, namely food, water, and air. Well, your sprinklers provide the water, fertilizer provides the food, and there’s plenty of air to go around. However, only through aerating do you provide a pathway through which these essential elements can be delivered. The tiny holes made by an aeration device allow air, water, fertilizer, and herbicide to penetrate to the roots of your grass. This both encourages strong growth, and also helps control weeds that could otherwise leach away the available nutrients in the soil.

Reasons to Aerate in Media

Do all lawns need to be aerated? That’s a difficult question to answer. We at Pat Calabrese & Son typically recommend it to every client simply because it’s a surefire way to deliver necessary lawn care elements to a grass’ root system. However, it’s usually an absolute necessity in any of the following scenarios:

  • Your home was a new build: Think of all the wear-and-tear the soil around your house took during its construction. A constant barrage of foot and equipment traffic likely served to compact the ground cover. The roots of grass attempting to grow into such a compacted surface may struggle.
  • Your lawn feels dry and spongy: Other than patches of yellow, dry grass, how else are you to tell if yours is dry? Press down on a patch of grass. Hydrated grass has increased elasticity which should allow it to rise back up immediately after being compressed. If yours doesn’t, it’s likely too dry.
  • You put down sod: The soil that comes with sod is typically of a very fine texture. The soil on which sod is laid is often much more course. Given that the grass in a sod layer is accustomed to growing in fine soil, it may have difficulty penetrating the much tougher underlying layer.

Another factor to consider is the abuse your lawn takes during the year. From children playing on it to guests walking all over it, some degree on compaction is inevitable. It’s for this reason we stress the importance of aeration to all Media homeowners.

Trust Your Lawn Care to Us

It’s said that it takes a village to raise a child. The same might be said about a healthy lawn. OK, well maybe not a village, but at least the collective efforts of both you and our team here at Pat Calabrese & Son. You provide us with the canvas, and we’ll deliver the aeration treatment needed to paint your yard over with a beautiful, colorful, and weed-free lawn. It really is that simple. To see for yourself, just give us a call at (610) 558-1329, or take a few moments to fill out our contact form, and someone from our office will get back to you at your earliest convenience.