Landscaping in West Chester

When you need expert landscaping services that check all the boxes, there’s only one name that should come to mind: Pat Calabrese & Son.

We’re confident that we’re the best landscaping contractors in West Chester and the surrounding area, and we can’t wait to prove it to you. Our impressive workmanship, our precise attention to detail, and our utmost dedication to customer satisfaction are just some of the things that set us apart from the rest.

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Free Estimates on Landscaping Services

When you give us a call, we’ll schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to speak with you about what we have to offer. We’ll take the time to discuss what your wants and needs are for your landscape and we’ll take a good look around and assess your existing green space.

From there, we’ll figure out the details and complete the design stage of the landscaping process. We’re always glad to provide you with a free written estimate that outlines the overall cost and timeline. Rest assured, we stick to what we say, and if there are changes made to the plans, we’ll be sure to let you know how this affects everything.

A Full-Service Landscaping Company

Pat Calabrese & Son is a family-owned local business that is committed to providing the people of Chester and the nearby area with next-level landscaping results. From initial design to the finishing touch during installation, our team is with you every step of the way, ensuring everything is to your liking. Whatever your taste, preference, and budget, they’ll help you put together the landscape you’ve been dreaming of.

Our comprehensive landscaping services include all the following:

Lawn Care and Installation

A lush, green lawn is the foundation of any good landscape. Our landscaping experts will work to clean up the lawn you have, carefully weeding it and mowing it down to perfection. And if your lawn is patchy and has clearly seen better days, we’ll help it along with all-natural fertilizer or by laying down some fresh turf.

Garden Design and Installation

Bring your landscape to life with some strategically placed greenery. We’ll help you make your selection of trees, shrubs, and flowers, guiding you towards the options that would best suit what you’re looking for. And we’re always happy to point you in the direction of low-maintenance options too. Then, we’ll come up with a design that truly makes your landscape look clean-cut and beautiful.

Hardscape Design and Installation

No landscape is complete without a little hardscaping. Hardscape features are designed to enhance your green space, making it all that more functional for your family, and they can make it look that much more incredible too. We’ll design and build you anything from pathways to patios, and voila!

Routine Landscaping Maintenance Services

Now that you’ve got this gorgeous landscape, it’s going to need some upkeep. For this reason, we offer systematic landscape maintenance services that’ll always have your yard looking its absolute best. When you choose us for all your landscaping needs, we’ve truly got you covered.

West Chester’s Best in Landscaping

There is a noticeable difference in the curb appeal of homes that have well-manicured lawns with accents of balanced shrubbery and colorful flowers, versus those that have uneven sod and overpopulated vines snaking their way through a once successful garden. What you may not know is that those homes with the carefully designed landscaping enjoy more than the satisfaction of having an appealing yard. The benefits of taking adequate time to design and maintain your yard extend far beyond the visual charm, and at Pat Calabrese & Son LLC we are armed with the tools and experience to makeover your yard so you can begin to experience these advantages.

Landscaping Services We’re Happy to Offer You

When you’re looking to beautify your West Chester property with a functional, stylish, and easy-to-maintain landscape design, our company has the experience and vision necessary to see your project through.

Feel confident trusting us for the following landscaping jobs:

Landscaping Design

A beautiful home exterior and garden starts with a landscaping design. Our landscaping design services begin with an assessment of your property—how it looks and how you want it to be. Our design experts will consult with you and propose a few different versions of your vision. Choose the one you’d like, and we’ll source the plants, fixtures, and materials at the most affordable rate. Then we’ll do the rest!

Landscaping Design Services

Whether you have a design created by us or have your own dream look you need help bringing to life, Pat Calabrese & Son LLC is the most reliable and affordable choice for landscaping in West Chester. From breaking ground to putting the finishing touches on the garden of your dreams, we’re the most reliable and responsible landscaping company around.

Our landscaping services include:

  • Topsoil Application
  • Hardscaping Services
  • Planting Trees, Shrubs, and Ornamental Plants
  • Paver Installation
  • Landscaping Boulder Transport and Placement
  • Construction of Shade Structures
  • Installation of Garden Pools and Ponds
  • Fertilization
  • Mulching
  • Aeration
  • Weeding
  • Seeding and Reseeding
  • Irrigation Setup and Winterization

Landscaping Aftercare, Lawn-Care, and Follow-Up Services

After the final layer of grass is applied, our work isn’t done just yet! We offer our West Chester clients a wide variety of aftercare services, including weekly or monthly lawn mowing, tree trimming, pruning, weeding, fertilization, and lawn treatment services. Benefit from our expertise and contract a lawn care and landscaping company you can trust to get the job done right—week after week and season after season.

We make sticking to a schedule and benefiting from a beautiful lawn or garden year-round easy. Just call and ask about our flexible and affordable lawn care services. We can’t promise the lowest prices in town, but we do guarantee that our rates are always competitive—and even more affordable with discounts on weekly or biweekly services.

When you want to work with a lawn care company, for your home’s landscaping needs that you can rely on, trust the name that’s been established in West Chester for generations: Pat Calabrese & Son LLC.

Additional Landscaping Services

Landscaping and lawn care services from our company are just the beginning. We also offer a wide variety of additional value-added services. If you need us to come and trim a tree on an urgent basis just once or you want to slowly transform your yard with use of exotic plants, pergolas, or striking landscaping features, we can do what needs doing.

Call and ask about our full variety of additional landscaping and lawn care services we can offer you!

Residential Landscaping You Can Trust

With years of experience in West Chester, Pat Calabrese & Son LLC is a full-service landscaping, lawn maintenance, and snow removal company.

As a family-run business, we value good customer service and maintaining relationships here in the community of West Chester above all else.

A Landscape That Meets Your Needs

Your decision to partner with us as your trusted landscaper means you no longer have to worry about the never-ending maintenance of your yard. The physical exertion resulting from tasks like pruning, weeding, mowing, watering, and planting are now our responsibility. This allows you more time to relax in the oasis that is your yard and entertain your guests while surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Functional Landscape Design

One of the reasons we are a superior landscaping contractor in West Chester is because we take sufficient time to plot a proposal for your yard. We will test your soil and research which kinds of plants will grow most successfully in your environment. We take into account the design of your home and construct a plan that is complementary to the style, color, and material of your house to create something unique yet beautiful. Finally, our designs are functional to allow you the maximum use of your yard without obstructing everyday enjoyment. We’ll anticipate how additions such as pathways, fountains, and garden arrangements can be incorporated in a way that is functional and aesthetic without getting in the way or posing a safety hazard.

A Better Landscape Means Increased Home Value

The way your yard is maintained can make a world of difference in the property value of your home. A well-manicured lawn and carefully planned garden areas merely scratch the surface by providing heightened visual appeal. However, should you ever choose to sell your home, having a properly working and strategically installed watering system, clearly marked pathways, and flourishing trees and flowers may be an incredible selling point for potential buyers. Environmentally friendly and appropriate landscaping can be another selling point as many homeowners are appreciative of designs that don’t require excessive maintenance and care.

Make Your Property More Eco-Friendly with Landscape Design

As your designated landscaper, we have the tools to help you save on valuable resources like water, time, and money. A carefully designed yard will utilize nature to create solutions for tasks like watering, that are efficient and effective. We can also save you the headache and financial stress that often comes as a result of poor planning. We will help you select flowers and shrubs that will grow successfully in your yard so you aren’t overspending on plants that continue to die month after month.

The fact of the matter is, is that a well-designed landscape can do wonders to curb water usage—while still making your property the envy of all the neighbors on your street.

We Bring Your Landscaping Ideas to Life

From concept to execution, Pat Calabrese & Son LLC is the top landscaping company in West Chester with an eye to bringing your visions to life.

Whether you’re an expert landscape designer or need some extra guidance to envision the perfect backyard for your West Chester home or garden, our friendly and professional landscapers are ready to help you perfect your vision.

Need inspiration? Take a look at the wealth of landscaping ideas available around the Internet. Give us a call to set up an appointment to look at our comprehensive portfolio of past successful landscaping projects that we’ve completed for West Chester residents recently—you might find elements that you want to transport to your own backyard or garden.

Or, take a look at some of the ideas we’ve provided below!

Landscaping With Pavers: Elegant Simplicity

Not every landscaping company has experience creating entrancing and unique designs using landscaping pavers. Think of the classic garden path you’ve seen in picture books and films. This simple addition to your backyard can transport you into a calming oasis right here in West Chester. Whatever type of landscaping pavers you choose, Pat Calabrese & Son LLC’s the right landscaping company to create a beautiful design with.

Landscaping Rocks

Adding a boulder or large landscaping rock to your front yard adds a sense of drama friends and neighbors will immediately notice. The truth is, the best landscaping ideas all incorporate different levels of elevation to draw the eye to focal points throughout your yard. That’s why adding landscaping boulders or landscaping rocks can be so compelling; they immediately boost your curb appeal to onlookers.

The people at Pat Calabrese & Son LLC are experts at creating landscape designs that incorporate landscaping rocks or boulders effortlessly. We’ll transport natural stone landscaping for you and source them from local quarries, so you get a great deal—and expert installation, too.

Where Can I Find the Best Landscaping Near Me?

With incredible rates, professional service, and the sort of courtesy you expect in West Chester, give Pat Calabrese & Son LLC a call.

We’re reliable, honest and accurate with our estimates, and always go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. With years of landscaping experience in and around West Chester, no other landscaping company near you has the wealth of expertise that we can offer—and at such competitive rates, there’s no risk to you trying out our services!

Why not call for a free estimate? We’ll be happy to provide you one or to talk about your next big residential landscaping challenge.

Residential Landscaping You Can Trust

With years of experience in West Chester, Pat Calabrese & Son LLC is a full-service landscaping, lawn maintenance, and snow removal company.

As a family-run business, we value good customer service and maintain relationships here in the community of West Chester above all else.

We’ve been helping homeowners in the area achieve their dream landscapes for over 20 years. Trust the longest-established landscaping and lawn family-run business and join the hundreds of satisfied clients across Pennsylvania.

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