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Residential Snow Removal

If you are looking for a residential snow removal service, we invite you to contact the celebrated professionals at Pat Calabrese & Son. With a vast storehouse of snow removal equipment at our disposal and a commitment to caring for our community, we are here for you.

We will de-ice your sidewalks, shovel your walkways, plow the driveways and private roads, and more. All you have to do is contact us whenever you are in need. We offer regular and one-time emergency snow removal services—and all for a great rate, too.

Call us at (610) 558-1329 now to learn more.

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Snow Removal Done Right

There are not a lot of certainties in this life, but one of them is that it will snow during our cold Pennsylvania winters. With Western areas of the state seeing as much as 100 inches of snow annually, you can’t just sit around and wait for the snow to melt away. You need to invest in adequate snow removal services.

Thankfully, the professionals on our team are just a quick phone call away. For years we have provided our community with the most thorough and prompt snow removal services. We will continue to do so for years to come.

When it comes to snow removal, there is little we don’t do. Some of what you can expect from our team includes:

  • Sidewalk and step de-icing
  • Snowplow services
  • Driveway clearing
  • Walkway shoveling
  • And more

When our team is by your side, you won’t have a thing to worry about. Consider us the team to call when the snow falls. We’ll be there to eliminate hazards and clear the way.

Great Rates for Snow Removal

Are you looking for a reliable snow removal company that can keep your home safe for an affordable rate? If so, you are in luck. We offer residential snow removal services for a great rate. You can rest assured that you’ll never have to pay more than necessary for our services.

We price our snowplow and snow clearing services with the average property owner in mind. Do you have a commercial lot that needs to be plowed? We will even be able to help you with that, too. What’s more, we offer up-front estimates on all our services.

No matter the scope of the job, and no matter the day of the week, we will be there to help you. Would you like to learn more about our services, rates, and availabilities? Contact us at your convenience.

Seasonal Landscaping and Snow Removal

Snow piles up fast. So if you’re having a hard time keeping your property cleared, Pat Calabrese & Son can help. Our landscaping experts are proud to offer seasonal snow removal services to local homeowners, and we’ll always take a customized approach when working on your property.

Whether you’d like to hire us for regular clearing throughout the winter season, or if you require a one-time service, we’ll prioritize your needs and work to exceed expectations.

To learn more about what we offer or to request snow removal today, please dial (610) 558-1329.

Plowing Residential Driveways

Our seasonal landscaping company offers professional snow removal services for residential driveways. When the job calls for big snowplows, you can always count on us.

We understand the importance of keeping your driveway clear and safe during the winter months. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to providing you with the best possible service. All you have to do is contact us when the driveway falls up with snow. We will shovel snow away from your vehicle, plow the driveway from the vehicle to the roadway, and take care of any other snow-related matters while we are on site. We offer a variety of snow removal services, including plowing, shoveling, and de-icing, and we will work with you to customize a plan that meets your specific needs.

We also offer discounts for multi-year contracts and referral programs, as well. Do you want to spare yourself from calling us at the last-minute time and time again? Ask about our contracts and routine seasonal landscaping services.

Reap the Benefits of Driveway Clearing Services

We understand that plowing residential driveways promptly is vital to the health and well-being of you and your loved ones.

There are many reasons to rely on a professional to perform this service on your behalf, including:

  • Our work saves you a significant amount of time
  • You don't have to shovel or fuss with snow removal machines
  • You maintain lots of space in your driveway to park
  • Our services reduce the likelihood of slip and fall accidents
  • Your home is accessible to emergency services should you need them
  • It's easier for you to get to and from work and other obligations when your driveway is clear
  • And more!

If you are searching for a reliable snow-plow company to take care of clearing the access routes to a loved one, you can rest assured we're a perfect choice. Our friendly technicians go above and beyond to deliver the impeccable service you expect and deserve.

Phone us to learn more about our customizable snow clearing services.

What Makes us the Best Snow Removal Providers?

From getting your sidewalks, decking, and pathways ready for the next snowstorm to keeping your driveway clear of snow accumulations and a build-up of ice, we're the licensed professionals people know they can rely on.

Over the years, we've built our reputation upon providing detailed snow services that free you from the dangers of the icy grips of winter. Our dedication to your satisfaction is unrivalled, and our commitment to fulfilling our duties is reflected in the long list of satisfied clients we've worked with over the years.

Only the Best in Emergency Snow Removal

Our residential snow removal company offers emergency snow removal services for those in need. We are there after the storm hits, and we do not rest until your property is free of obstructions and icy pathways.

Our local snow removal services are available 24/7. We arrive with a snowplow to clear your driveway or parking lot in no time. We also offer various other snow removal services, such as shoveling sidewalks and walkways, to ensure your property is safe and accessible during the winter months. Needless to say, you will never have to look anywhere else for your various snow removal and seasonal landscaping services.

If you'd like the opportunity to put down your snow shovel for good, we're a smart and affordable choice. Call our team today to discuss your options!

Ask Our Team Anything

We do more than show up with our equipment to remove the snow from your property. We are also here to answer all your questions regarding our services and your safety. Do you want to know which shovels are the best for last-minute, day-to-day snow removal? Would you like advice on which salt to buy for those evenings when you want to give the stairway an extra sprinkle of salt? Bring all of your questions and concerns to us.

Residential Snow and Ice Service

Just when you think you've successfully navigated the snow and made it to your car in one piece, it's the ice that can get you. If you want to reduce the possibility of dealing with a slip and fall injury, enlisting the assistance of a residential snow and ice service is a safe bet.

At our snow removal company, we do more than just clear away the snow from your driveways and sidewalks. We also provide de-icing services. Being the professionals that we are, we do more than just remove the ice—we also take preventative measures to ensure the ice doesn’t overtake the sidewalks, stairs, and pathways. We use top-of-the-line road salt to keep our community’s properties safe.

We're experts in prepping surfaces for incoming snowfall, using salt to ensure ice accumulation remains at a minimum throughout the storm. In addition, more salt can be added to stubborn icy patches as needed. You won't have to worry about lugging a heavy bag of road salt into your driveway. We do all the heavy lifting to keep you safe and secure throughout the winter.

In short, we remove all traces of ice from your property. Our de-icing services are available for both commercial and residential properties and can be customized to meet your needs. In addition to our de-icing services, we also offer seasonal landscaping services to help keep your property looking its best all year round. Simply get in touch to learn more about how we can ease the stress of winter as your reliable snow and ice services provider.

Residential Snow Removal Pricing

Our industry-leading services give you access to the very best in residential snow removal pricing. We are committed to keeping our rates competitive so you can continue relying on our vetted technicians to provide exceptional service during even the most challenging ice and snow conditions.

If the forecast is not in your favor, you can depend on our dedicated crews to help you turn the tides. Ask us for a risk-free estimate today.

Snow Removal on Your Schedule

Our snow removal services are available whenever you need them—and we mean it. Here, we offer flexible scheduling options to ensure we can always be there when you need us. You won't have to worry about us taking too long to pick up the phone or to arrive on site, either. We are as prompt as we are flexible. We know how important a clear and hazard-free property is to our clients. You can always count on us.

Save Yourself Time

At Pat Calabrese & Son, we know that our clients lead busy lives, and we strive to provide services that are flexible to your needs. Whether you wish to have snow cleared first thing in the morning or into the evening, our team will be happy to work around your schedule.

We also recognize that we can’t control the weather. Snow comes down whether we like it or not. If you hire our team for regular snow removal, we’ll keep an eye on the forecast and deliver you clearing when it’s needed.

If you’d like to learn more about how our regular snow removal services work, our experts would be happy to chat with you, so please don’t hesitate to reach us by phone or email.

Swift Arrival After Every Snowfall

When snow starts falling, we start plowing. We offer prompt, efficient snow removal to ensure your property is free from snow as soon as possible. We stay up to date with all weather reports, and we make sure we remain on call to service you during any snowfall. You can count on us to service your driveway and walkways. With us, you never have to worry about the snow putting a halt to your day-to-day schedule.

Snow Removal, Deicing, and More

With snow comes ice – and while snow is a nuisance, ice can be dangerous! Our team incorporates deicing into our snow removal services. We can help you mitigate ice by laying down salt and sand or cracking the ice and removing it altogether.

If you have specific concerns about deicing, let us know. We’re happy to take special requests.

Complete Snow Removal Services

If you’re worried about snow this winter, rest assured: We have all your bases covered. We offer a complete range of snow removal services to handle all your snow, ice, and winter-related needs. Whether you need an outdoor stairway cleaned and de-iced, your driveway plowed, or your whole property cleared, you can take advantage of our comprehensive snow removal services.

Services include:

  • Driveway Snow Plowing: If your driveway needs clearing, we’re here to help. Throughout the winter, our drivers are on standby to clear your driveway and ensure it's safe for you to use by car and by foot.
  • Sidewalk Clearing: We offer comprehensive sidewalk clearing, salting, and plowing services to ensure safe access for all pedestrians. Keep your sidewalks free from snow and ice, and enjoy a hassle-free winter this year.
  • De-icing: We utilize a range of techniques—including salting and ice-breaking—to clear ice from your property. Leave your fears of falling behind, and enjoy complete access around your property.
  • Porches and Patios: If you have porches or patios, you can count on our team to keep them clear and ready for use. Make the most of your outdoor living areas this winter, and keep your outdoor structures free from the potentially damaging effects of ice freezing and thawing.
  • Stairways and Decks: We can clear stairways and decks to enhance safety around your property. With us, you’ll never have to risk your neck going up or down the stairs in the winter.
  • Private Roads and Lanes: Do you live on a private road? We have you covered. Our team services all types of properties and pathways, so no matter where you may be located, you can count on us for fast, efficient snow removal.
  • Salting and Prepping: We offer a range of preventative services to prepare your property for the winter. Allow us to salt your pathways to avoid ice build-up, and make this winter a whole lot easier for everyone.

Prioritize the Safety of Your Property with Professional Snow Removal

Clearing snow and ice on your private property won’t just help you increase curb appeal – it will also make your property safer for you, your kids, delivery people, and guests. Clearing a pathway that is free of ice will allow everyone to safely access your home without unnecessary risk and hassle.

If you’ve twisted your ankle of ice or snow one too many times – hiring a snow management team is the right decision, and Pat Calabrese & Son is happy to oblige!

Find Great Rates on Snow Removal Services

Our team wants to offer snow removal services to as many homeowners as possible, and that’s why we continue to provide competitive rates. The cost of your removal service will depend on the size of your property and what areas need clearing, but we will be happy to provide you with more detailed pricing information before we get started!

Call us for an estimate.

Contact Our Snow Removal Company Today

If you are on the market for professional snow removal, Pat Calabrese & Son is the name to know and the team to call. Our experts take pride in the work we do, and we look forward to helping you maintain the safety and appearance of your property all season long!

Reach Trusted Snow Removal Experts

Media Snow Removal - (610) 558-1329

Pat Calabrese & Son is proud to offer residential snow removal services across the local area. Since opening our doors, we’ve earned a stellar reputation as a fast, efficient, and affordable option for homeowners and tenants alike. Whether you need your driveway cleared or walkways salted, you can count on us for all your snow-related needs.

To book a consultation or to get a quote, give us a call at (610) 558-1329 today.


Fast, Affordable Snow Removal

Pat Calabrese & Son is happy to offer very competitive prices on residential snow removal contracts for residents of the greater West Chester area. Our snow removal business handles everything from residential driveway snow removal, to removing snow from walkways, stairs and entrances. We also offer de-icing services to help prevent slips and falls.

When performing snow removal, we consider all possible hazards. We clear all surfaces to give you safe and uninterrupted access around your home throughout the winter season. Our comprehensive range of services—from salting and de-icing to snow plowing and removal—means you never have to worry about getting stuck in or out of your home again.

With our residential snow removal services, you can expect:

  • Fast turnarounds
  • Quick response times
  • Competitive rates
  • Round-the-clock service
  • Accurate and up-to-date weather monitoring
  • Complete satisfaction guaranteed

Make winter a hassle-free affair. Take the stress of snowfall off your shoulders. Choose Pat Calabrese & Son to keep your property safe all winter long.

Snow Removers Equipped for Any Job

Pat Calabrese & Son uses different kinds of snow removal equipment to help ensure we can safely and efficiently handle your unique snow removal needs. Our snowplow teams operate both large and small tractors to suit most any driveway size, and our walkway and stairs teams use anything from snow-blowers to shovels in order to clear smaller, harder of access areas.

We come fully equipped to clear snow, ice, and sleet on every job. No matter the scope of the job or how big the snowbank, our team is here to clear it quickly and completely.

Our snow removal equipment includes:

  • Plows: We boast a fleet of snowplows that get through even the deepest blanket of snow. For heavy-duty plowing, look no further than our team to do the job right.
  • Snowblowers: We carry professional-grade snowblowers to clear snow in narrow areas, including sidewalks and walkways.
  • Shovels: When the job calls for a human touch, we come ready to shovel. Our team is fully equipped with manual shovels to clear stairways, small paths, and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Salt Spreaders: We use mechanized salt spreaders to lay a thorough layer of salt wherever you need one. Driveways, pathways, sidewalks: By using salt spreaders for such areas, we manage to finish the job in just a fraction of the time it’d take by hand

Our Safe Snow Storing Guarantee

When you hire a snow removal company, you need to know you’re in safe hands.

Pat Calabrese & Son is here to make sure you do. When hiring Pat Calabrese & Son for your seasonal snow removal needs, you can count on our safe snow storing guarantee. Our conscientious snow removal professionals take care to pile the snow they remove from your drive or walkway in a safe and unobtrusive way, so that there is no danger of falling snow or potentially hazardous obtrusion in high traffic areas.

We follow rigorous safety procedures to remove all snow and ice from surfaces used for walking or driving, ensuring you have safe access all-around your property. Rest assured: With us, you’re in safe hands. We guarantee it.

Residential Snow Removal Done Right

Pat Calabrese & Son guarantees all its greater West Chester's area residential customers fast, effective snow removal services.

When it comes to snow removal, time is of the essence. You can’t wait around for a snowplow. You can’t be expected to stay stuck inside all day when you have work and a schedule to stick to.

Here at Pat Calabrese & Son, we spare no time in serving you as soon as possible. As we are constantly monitoring weather conditions and snow alerts that might affect the greater West Chester area, our response teams are always well prepared to handle both light snowfalls and major snow storms that may leave you stranded or delay your daily activities. We’re fast, and we stay up-to-date on all weather developments to ensure we act accordingly.

 Pat Calabrese & Son also guarantees all its customers that we will come around your residence as often as is needed, no matter how much snow falls in the season. You do not have to worry about a surcharge in snow removal cost because the amount of snow has exceeded what is specified in your snow removal contract, as Pat Calabrese & Son understands that it is impossible for anyone to predict the weather, and such caps go against everything our snow removal service believes in.

Choose Pat Calabrese & Son for reliable, affordable, and professional snow removal services. We’ll make sure you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the warm indoors—even during the worst snowstorms.

Emergency Snow Removal Services

In addition to regularly scheduled snow removal, we offer emergency service when you need us most. Whether you’re snowed in or stuck in your driveway, you can count on us to get you out of trouble and back on track. Save yourself time, stress, and a whole lot of backache: With our emergency snow removal services, that’s precisely what you’ll do.

Total Residential Snow Clearing

We don’t want to be known as a company that provides half-finished snow removal services. This is why we go above and beyond on every job to ensure we have completely cleared the client’s property. We promise to eliminate all of the snow and ice from your property and ensure that you have nothing to worry about once we leave.

Intelligent Snow Removal

We plan all of our residential snow plowing carefully to ensure maximum efficiency and safety with every property we service. We promise to take the unique layout of your property into account, as well as any special requests you have, to ensure the best possible results with the job. We also make sure that all of the excess snow is transported to a place where it will not blow back onto your property, so you won’t need our services until the next snowfall.

Make Your Life Easier with Our Local Snow Removal

If you are tired of the time and backbreaking labor that goes into keeping your property free from snow, Pat Calabrese & Son is the solution you have been looking for. Our reliable and affordable snow clearing services make us an easy choice for any homeowner. Free up your schedule and stay warm inside this winter by taking advantage of our professional snow removal.

A Trusted Snow Removal Company

We have been providing top-notch snow removal services for homeowners in the area for many years now. During our time in business, Pat Calabrese & Son has become a popular choice and a name that people trust for dependable residential plowing. If you don’t want to take any chances with your property this winter, we guarantee that you will not regret hiring our company.

Season-Long Snow Removal Contracts

If you want to make sure you never have to worry about your driveway all winter long, then we would be happy to help. We are pleased to offer affordable snow removal contracts that provide you with valuable peace of mind. We make sure that we watch the weather forecast and provide our services whenever they become necessary, and our lines are always open in case you need to contact us.

Prompt Snow Removal After Every Snowfall

You will never find yourself stuck in your driveway waiting for our plows to arrive. We make sure that our snow removal team is ready to depart at all times to ensure that we provide our clients with reasonable response times. Our quick service is just one of the ways that we go the extra mile for our customers, so contact us today to discover what sets us apart.

Answers to All of Your Snow Removal Questions

If you still have any questions or concerns about our residential plowing, then we would be happy to discuss them with you. You are always welcome to reach out to our staff to request our services or clear up any questions. We look forward to showing you why we are the first choice for many homeowners in the area.

24/7 Local Snow Removal

We want all of our clients to know that they can always rely on us for quick and convenient residential plowing. Everybody has a different schedule, but our open availability means that you can always get the residential snow plowing that you need at a time that makes sense. Our team is always on call and happy to schedule our services at any time, so you will always have full access to your driveway when you need it.

Being 24/7 ready for snow removal means we are prepared to get to work as soon as those middle-of-the-night snowstorms start. Our snow removal specialists are on call and ready to go.

Make the most of our professionalism by calling us in advance. We look forward to your call to set up your snow removal schedule.

Responsible Snow Removal Service

One of the things that makes us a popular choice for residential snow removal is our well-thought-out approach. We promise that we will never take the easy way out by blowing your excess snow onto other areas of your or your neighbors' properties. Instead, we make sure that we completely remove unwanted snow from your property and dispose of it in a place where it will not get in the way again.

Of course, all those specifications will have been discussed in the first place, and we will align with all of your special instructions the entire time we are working for you. Your safety, however, is our priority. Since ice and snow can be a danger, we will do our best to clear all slipping hazards out of your way.

Professional Snow Removal Equipment

In order to provide our clients with top-notch results on their residential snow removal, we are committed to using the best tools at our disposal. By using professional-grade snow removal equipment, we are able to provide our services with the utmost precision and efficiency. We never take any shortcuts with our approach, so you can always expect flawless results from our company.

We Welcome Special Requests with Our Snow Removal

You know your property better than we do, which is why we are always happy to accept input from our clients. If you have any requirements or things that you want to bring to our attention, we encourage you to let us know so that we can incorporate them into our process. Thanks to our dedication to safety, you can always count on us to treat your property right.

After all, it is your property that we will be tending to, and you know it better than anyone else. Tell us where we need to work, and we will get the job done. You can tell us the areas of importance and the areas we shouldn't bother with. Ultimately, it is your service that you are paying for. We will accommodate everything you ask us to do, and we can make changes on the fly.

Our customers are our number one priority. Just tell us what you want, and we will provide it. Call in advance before the snowy season to get the best out of our services.

Our Clients Agree: We Provide Amazing Snow Removal

Our consistent history of customer satisfaction makes us an easy choice for your residential snow removal. We put a lot of effort into providing dependable snow removal and accommodating customer service, so you can rest assured that you will have a positive experience with our company. Discover what sets our services apart by giving us an opportunity to earn your business.

As much as we pride ourselves on providing thorough snow removal, we also want to provide great customer service. Our long list of long-standing clientele speaks for itself! See our impeccable service in action when you become a part of our snow clearing route.

We look forward to hearing from you, and we look forward to impressing you with our professional snow removal.

Take the Effort Out of Your Residential Snow Removal

Having to keep your driveway free from snow is enough to make anyone dread winter, but this doesn't need to be the case. By letting our professional team handle your snow clearing, you can save yourself a lot of time, energy, and back pain during the colder months. If you want to make your life easier this winter, then we guarantee that you will not regret hiring our company.

With many years of experience, you'll notice quickly that we work systematically to get the snow on your property gone. Why work hard by yourself when you could have a team of professionals that have all the right equipment and can get the job faster than one person ever could. Besides, if you are doing it yourself, you will not be able to do as thorough a job as Pat Calabrese & Son can do.

When we are doing your snow removal, you can relax. You'll be confident that your property will be safe to walk and drive on, and you won't have even broken a sweat.

Residential Plowing Specialists with a Commitment to Their Clients

In addition to our reliable local snow removal, we also go the extra mile to deliver exceptional service to all of our clients. You can always count on us to provide polite and professional communication from start to finish. We promise to treat you and your property with respect every time you need residential snow removal services, which we hope makes us an easy choice for the winter.

As service providers first, the way our clients think about our services is very important to us. Unless you're totally satisfied with our work, we aren't doing our jobs right. Additionally, we are easy to work with if you aren't satisfied with our work. Just let us know what you'd like us to adjust, and we'll promptly change our ways to suit your needs.

We are a customer-first business. That means that everything we do is in the name of customer satisfaction. We can't expect to continue to be held in high repute if we don't get the job done perfectly, time after time. But we do. That's how we've become known as one of the area's leading snow plowing teams.

Get in touch with our team today, and you'll be glad you did.

Your Home Is Safe with Our Residential Snow Plowing

We know that you might feel a bit uneasy about trusting your property with our snow plows, but we want you to know that you have nothing to worry about with our services. We always plan our jobs carefully and remain attentive throughout the entire process so that we do not damage our clients’ properties. We have a consistent track record of successful snow removal, so you can feel secure when you hire us.

Residential Snow Clearing for Any Size Property

It doesn’t matter how big or small your driveway is—we can keep it clear all winter long. We proudly service clients with many different types of residential properties, and we make sure that they all receive our full dedication and top-notch snow removal. If you think that your property is too big or too small to take advantage of our services, we encourage you to get in touch with us for more information.

Additionally, we'll get the job done quickly. We pride ourselves on our ability to maintain our busy schedules without messing up or falling behind.

You can expect our team to show up when expected. When they do, they'll hop right out of the vehicle and get to work. We'll safely unload our equipment and start clearing snow—it's as simple as that.

You'll be impressed by the speed of our team and the quality of the snow clearing we do for you. Call us no matter how big your property is. We look forward to helping out.

Years of Hard Work in Residential Snow Removal

Our capabilities as a snow removal company were not gained overnight. We have been servicing our community for many years, and during this time, we have refined our approach and expanded our capabilities. Our snow removal expertise is something that we take a lot of pride in, and we hope that you will consider finding out what we can do for you.

We put the same dedication into our snow removal as we do with all of our landscaping and other services, so you can always expect the same amazing results that our company is known for. We are confident that once you experience how convenient our snow removal service is that you will want to hire us for all of your future jobs.

Personalized Consultations on Your Snow Removal

As part of our ongoing dedication to our clients, we are always willing to provide risk-free consultations on our snow clearing services. If you have anything to ask our team or would like to bring anything to our attention, we will be more than happy to meet with you to go over everything.

Your snow removal service will be planned around your property and its needs. We will focus on high-traffic areas so that people and vehicles can move around your property safely and do so happily.

Schedule your consultation with our team today, so we can get a close look at the kind of service you're looking for, make a diagnosis, and build the exact plan for the scale of your needs. We are always flexible in terms of budget and timeline, and we can easily make changes to anything you tell us today. Just let us know, and we'll always do our best to help and provide you with the excellent service you deserve.

Take advantage of our commitment to providing positive customer experiences

You Will Love Our Residential Snow Removal Services

Who doesn’t want to save time and effort during the winter months? If you are tired of going out into the cold and throwing out your back while clearing your driveway, Pat Calabrese & Son wants you to know that there is a better way. If you have never hired a professional snow removal company before, we hope that you will give us a chance to show you the benefits of our services.

We began providing this service when we knew there was a need for it in our community. Once we established ourselves as one of the most skilled local snow removal contractors, more and more property owners started to notice. For years, we've been building up a base of new and old clients whose properties we clear of snow throughout the winter months.

Our services are very easy to get used to. You'll meet with our team, tell us your specific snow removal needs, and we'll be right there to assist you every time. We always get the job done thoroughly and quickly, and our team displays strong interpersonal skills that generally result in great customer–client rapport.

We are friendly and amenable to your snow removal needs. If you're curious to see just how much we are committed to client satisfaction, why not give us a call today to learn more?

Easy to Schedule Snow Removal Services

If you would like to take advantage of our professional services, it is as simple as reaching out to us. One of our staff members will take down your information and answer all of your questions so that you can add convenience to your routine this winter. Call today and find out why we are one of the top residential snow removal companies around.

We totally understand if you are fed up with doing your snow removal yourself. We want to help you out. Just let us know about the property you need us to clear of snow, and we will work out the details with you. We pride ourselves on being transparent with our clients, so we will tell you right away when we are available to find the right snow removal schedule for your needs.

Don't hesitate to speak with us about your snow removal needs. We look forward to helping!

Your Top Choice for Local Snow Removal

Get in Touch Today

If you are a West Chester resident and would like to relax this winter knowing that your snow removal needs are being taken care of by conscientious, professional snow removal experts, give us a call today. The number of residential snow removal contracts we can commit to is limited, so the sooner you contact Pat Calabrese & Son, the better. Take advantage of West Chester's premiere snow removal business this year, and conserve your energy to enjoy all that the season has to offer.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have in a personalized consultation. As a local business, we value our customers’ input, and we pride ourselves on giving them the information they need to make informed investment decisions. Get in touch, and we’ll give you all the information you need to feel safe in our hands—and to see why we’re your top choice for residential snow removal.

For immediate service, call us at (610) 558-1329 today. We’ll dispatch one of our drivers to your snowy location without delay.