Hardscapes in Bala Cynwyd

When it comes to adding the finishing touches to your outdoor space, the options can be overwhelming. From start to finish, Pat Calabrese & Son will help you bring structure and functionality to your landscape, one step at a time.

We’re confident that we offer the best hardscaping services in Bala Cynwyd and the surrounding area, and we’re always looking forward to proving it to you. Whether you’d like to go big or you’d like to do the most you can with a certain budget, we have you covered.

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Honest Quotes on Hardscaping Projects

As a family-run business in the Bala Cynwyd area, our founding values are honesty and integrity. For this reason, we want to give you an honest quote on your hardscaping project. We’ll set up a no-obligation consultation at a time that works for you, and we’ll go over the details to give you an accurate estimate of the cost and timeline of the job.

Hardscaping Customized to Your Landscape

When it comes to hardscaping, our services are second to none in the local area. We’ll work with you to expertly customize hardscaping designs to your landscape. To do so, we’ll sit down and discuss what your ideas are. If you don’t have anything concrete in mind, we’re happy to give you our professional advice.

We recommend taking the time to get some inspiration from free landscaping design guides online so that you can pinpoint what your likes and preferences are. Then, share them with us and we’ll give you recommendations on how we can make it work for your landscape. Of course, all the final details are at your discretion. We’re just here to help you get the most value out of your outdoor space.

A Full-Range Hardscaping Company

Pat Calabrese & Son offers a full range of expert hardscaping services made to measure. Our team has an eye for style, color, and material, and knows how to stick to the budget as well. Together, we’ll turn any ordinary greenspace into a serene outdoor living space in no time at all. Our comprehensive hardscaping services include:

  • Decks and patios
  • Driveways
  • Fences and gates
  • Pavers
  • Retaining walls
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Outdoor lighting
  • And so much more!

From drawing up the design plans to putting in the work, we’re committed to bringing your landscape together and making it feel like home.

Certified, Experienced Hardscaping Contractors

Our hardscaping professionals are fully certified and extensively experienced in the art of hardscape. We’re attentive and professional, making sure to not only provide you with exceptional work but with exactly what you want out of your landscape.

Using only top-grade equipment and tools, we’ve turned countless unfinished landscapes into cozy green havens for families and friends to relax in and enjoy. When you choose us for the final touches to your greenspace, you receive nothing less than precise attention to detail and comprehensive, hassle-free service.


Pat Calabrese & Son offers a wide variety of hardscape additions for home- or business-owners looking to add truly unique features to their properties.

As a leading team of full-service landscapers and lawn care specialists, one of our many services is designing and building exceptional hardscaping features. From walkways and terraces, to retaining walls and water features, our services add durability, prominence, and a distinct touch to your property.

Our clients appreciate our exceptional workmanship, commitment to excellent customer service, and competitive rates. We look forward to bringing your property dreams to life.

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Enhance Your Home or Business with Beautiful, Durable Hardscapes

With our team of landscaping professionals, adding hardscaping features to your property has never been easier or more affordable. We have installed a huge variety of hardscapes on both residential and commercial properties. We take pride in realizing the creativity and imagination of our clients.

For our hardscaping construction, we use only the highest quality materials and supplies. We work alongside Bala Cynwyd area’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of fine landscaping products and are able to pass along our cost-savings to you.

Combined with our use of highly efficient and effective equipment and hardware, you can be assured of incredible durability and permanence. For this reason, your hardscapes will add tremendous value to your property.

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Highly Qualified, Experienced Landscaping and Hardscaping Professionals

Our team has been serving the Bala Cynwyd community for many years. Each of our landscapers has extensive experience and training to perform a wide variety of dependable services.

We customize our service approach to each client and recognize that no two properties are alike. We help you to showcase your property’s unique features, shape, topography, or other aspects. Whether you have a distinct idea in mind of the features you want, or would prefer to consult with our professionals, we are ready to assist.

Best of all, each member of our team is committed to fantastic customer service and working neatly and diligently on each property.

Streamlined Hardscape Design and Construction Services

From the initial consultation to the final hardscaping installation, Pat Calabrese & Son will work with you at every step of the way. We ensure that your hardscaping addition is the perfect complement to your home and property. To accomplish this, we personalize your hardscaping with decorative and customized stonework and intricate designs reflecting your favorite colors and styles.

Our hardscape design process leaves no detail overlooked, and our construction proceeds with efficiency and speed. In no time, your new hardscaping features will be ready for years of use.

Transform Your Property with Pat Calabrese & Son’s Hardscapes

Whether you have a commercial or residential property, our services can transform the appearance of your land. It can not only increase your property’s usefulness with patios, terraces, and walkways, but also provide it with unique landmarks in the form of retaining walls or water features.

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Hardscapes in Bala Cynwyd

At Pat Calabrese & Son LLC, we believe that the hardscapes in your landscaping design are just as important as the living, softscape elements. Although the shrubs, flowers and lawn soften the edges and make outdoor spaces in Bala Cynwyd more enjoyable, the hardscapes – think patios, walls and fences – are what turn your yard into a functional place to entertain and relax. In addition, the visual appeal of the materials used can’t be beat when it comes to naturalistic textures and colors. Here are some of the facets we can help you with when you partner with Pat Calabrese & Son LLC for your hardscaping needs.

Hardscaping Features Bala Cynwyd

Interspersed with living plants, furniture and decorative elements, hardscaping lends practicality to an otherwise unstructured space. It’s nice to explore a well-landscaped yard, but without paths and privacy features, it can be difficult for you to enjoy exterior areas for long periods. These are some of the vital aspects that turn your yard from a OK space into an ideal place to relax in while surrounded by nature:

  • Paved areas: These can be patios or decks, driveways or walking paths. Hardscapes offer a subtle yet clear indication where feet are allowed to tread.
  • Walls: Either decorative or functional, walls are important for delineating space. Many are also structural, such as retaining walls that corral the natural landscape.
  • Water features: Most of these decorative features include rocks and other stone work and can be the centerpiece of your landscape.
  • Stairways: Steps grant you safer access to all corners of your yard or outdoor space.
  • Fences: They make good neighbors while granting privacy for you and your guests as well.
  • Pergolas: These attractive structures offer a protected architectural place to enjoy the sun.

Hardscaping Design and Construction in Bala Cynwyd

If you’re considering hardscaping services for your Bala Cynwyd property, look no further than the experts at Pat Calabrese & Son.

We take pride in turning our client’s dreams of an ultimate outdoor living space into tangible realities every day. Pat Calabrese & Son work closely alongside you, getting to know you and the way you’d like to use your space.

Our beautiful, intricate hardscape designs leave no detail overlooked. We will enhance the natural beauty of your property, and increase its possibilities for enjoyment in all seasons.

Whether it’s a backyard hardscape, finding that perfect hardscape landscape match, or simply exploring your options, we can create the perfect setting for your outdoor environment.

Discover the numerous benefits of a permanent, durable hardscape design today.

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Reasons to Choose Our Hardscaping Services

There are many benefits to beautifying your property with a personal, elegant hardscape design with Pat Calabrese & Son.

Unlike softscapes, which can be seasonal and temporary, a hardscape is designed to provide usefulness and durability for years to come.

First of all, hardscaping extends and increases the amount of useful space on your property. It can accomplish this in a variety of ways.

A patio or terrace, constructed of hardscape pavers, stone or concrete, provides an ideal outdoor oasis. It can serve as an outdoor living room, dining room, and kitchen all at once. Whether you’re entertaining a crowd or sitting peacefully with a book, a beautiful patio is a trademark of hardscaping.

Retaining walls also increase the amount of level, usable space on your property. A hill, formerly too steep to enjoy, may now become an outdoor gathering space. Alternating levels also serve to define your space and create an overall sense of dimension and layout.

Pergolas, fences, and outdoor staircases are addition hardscape attributes that add presence to any yard.

Hardscaping services are extremely low-maintenance ways to enhance your property. As hardscapes are made up of materials such as concrete, stone, brick, wood, and gravel, they require very little in the way of repair or upkeep.

Also, no watering, pruning, or trimming is needed to maintain hardscaping. This will significantly reduce your property maintenance requirements.

Finally, a hardscape will add significant resale value to your Bala Cynwyd home. A significant majority of homebuyers look for outdoor patios when purchasing their new homes. A long-lasting, low-maintenance hardscape is an excellent investment to your property.

Pat Calabrese & Son will establish every aspect of your backyard hardscape with you. We’ll help you decide on layouts, fixtures, and materials to ensure that your hardscape is fully customized and personalized.

Pat Calabrese & Son’s installation process is thorough and efficient. We’ll minimize disruption and mess to your property, ensuring that your hardscaping additions are completed properly.

In no time, your new hardscaping features will be complete and ready to provide thousands of hours of enjoyment.

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The Difference Between Hardscape and Softscape

Let’s be honest about it, when it comes to your home’s landscaping needs most people do not know the difference between hardscapes and softscapes, and honestly it is easy to see why. With so much going on in the average Bala Cynwyd home, it is often not possible to devote sufficient time to the inner workings of your lawn’s landscaping layout. Thankfully for you, that is where we at Pat Calabrese & Son LLC come in.

The first thing that you need to know about the differences between hardscapes and softscapes is that they are polar opposites of each other.

However, just because they couldn’t be any different in terms of composition or esthetics doesn’t mean that they cannot exist side by side. In fact, much like the best of complimentary goods, hardscapes (paving) and softscapes (shrubbery and greenery) need to work in tandem with one another for an optimal landscaping experience for your home.

In an ideal situation, the balance between hardscapes and softscapes is just right and contains a space that is designed in such a way that the presence of one accentuates the positive elements of the other. By perfecting the balance between the two landscape types, we can make sure that you get the very best of both worlds in no time at all.

So, if you want to make sure that your home does not appear like a concrete jungle with far too much concrete paving or an actual jungle because of excessive greenery, then you need to enlist the services of a professional team like us.

What many homeowners in Bala Cynwyd fail to realize is that an excessive oversupply of either hard or softscapes can detrimentally affect the curb appeal and potential resale value of their home and that is why it is crucial to ensure that a balanced equilibrium is reached. To make sure that this is the case, it is important to have a clear idea about the difference between these two landscaping forms. With that in mind, here is a quick breakdown of the differences between the main elements of both types:


  1. In general, hardscaping consists of hard but movable elements of landscape design. This includes but is not limited to stones, paving and gravel.
  2. Hardscape elements are always inanimate objects as opposed to living organisms.
  3. Hardscape elements are also solid and unchanging and can either be natural like stone or man-made like a planter.


  1. By contrast, softscapes include the soft horticultural elements of a landscape. This includes flowers, trees, shrubs and ground covers.
  2. As the name suggests, softscapes are softer to touch compared to hardscapes. That is why anything from leaves to blades of grass are included.
  3. Softscapes also change and evolve constantly, as they grow and adapt to climate and other conditions. This means that it is important to incorporate a healthy mix of a wide range of softscapes into your home’s exterior design.

Hardscaping Materials that Beautify Your Outdoor Space

The colors and textures found in hardscaping materials and stone work add a level of beauty to any Bala Cynwyd yard, no matter which ones you choose to incorporate into the design. Consider these materials when planning your next project:

  • Concrete: Current techniques in stamping and staining elevate this grey staple into a resource for high design.
  • Wood: Available in myriad colors and grains, wood is a top choice if you appreciate naturalistic elements. In addition, it can be treated to last for decades despite weather exposure.
  • Brick: Masonry of all kinds can be pressed into service as intricate patio pavers, seating, walls or other essential yard components.
  • Stone: Slate tiles, decorative boulders or cozy rock fire pits all fit nicely into an ideal landscape design. Outdoor kitchens can benefit from the durability of quartz countertops.
  • Metal: From wrought iron gates to modernist benches, the shimmer of metal brings elegance to any outdoor space. When you picture a beautiful yard in your mind, chances are that metal elements are part of the vision.

Start Your Project Today

Our staff at Pat Calabrese & Son LLC is ready to help you get started on your hardscaping projects. From traditional wooden decks to slate tile patios, we can help you envision the possibilities and then see the project through to the end. Give us a call today and learn more about transforming your yard into the outdoor oasis of your dreams.