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Landscape Maintenance in Bala Cynwyd

Keep Your Property Proper With Landscape Maintenance From Pat Calabrese & Son

If there’s one thing that every homeowner knows it’s that if you don’t take care of your property, it’ll take care of you. The weeds will take over your garden. The grass will start to look like a meadow. And the local vermin will begin to turn your home into theirs. Before you know it, you’re fighting a losing battle against the forces of nature. A battle you’re not going to win.

Pat Calabrese & Son can help. We’re one of the leading landscape construction and maintenance crews in Bala Cynwyd. We love nature when it does what we want. And we aim to keep it doing what we want. So if you have a landscape design you’ve just constructed, you need a landscaping maintenance service who will keep it looking sharp. Don’t let the weeds win! Contact Pat Calabrese & Son today.

Lawn Maintenance Services

This is probably the service that most people think of when they think landscape maintenance. Pat Calabrese & Son will keep your lawn trim with weekly lawn care. We’ll fertilize it intermittently throughout the year. We’ll water it if it needs it. And we’ll aerate the soil too!

Having a scheduled lawn service is the only way to keep your grass in tip-top shape. Our dependable and competent crews work hard to make sure that your lawn can be measured by the highest standard of quality. So even when the summer sun starts turning your neighbor’s grass yellow, yours will be green and soft and cool to the touch!

Garden Maintenance

Let’s be honest, who really has time to tend to their garden? You work hard all week and then Saturday morning you’re supposed to get all bent up to pull weeds from a dirty flowerbed? Sounds great. Or not.

Our landscape maintenance packages can include regular maintenance of your garden. That way you can spend more time enjoying it than sweating over it. Not to mention that with regular, structured maintenance your garden will be healthier than ever!

Hedge and Bush Trimming

It’s pretty easy for beautifully trimmed hedges and bushes to get out of hand. Especially if you’ve decided to form your hedges into shapes. All of a sudden twigs are poking out in the wrong places. Your cubes are becoming circles. And who’s that guest that just moved in? It’s best to keep a regular maintenance team on the case.

Equipment and Training

Pat Calabrese & Son uses top of the line landscaping equipment so that all our work comes out just as you want. Our crews are constantly training on new equipment that can improve our landscape maintenance services. It’s this constant desire to push the boundaries and learn new tricks, that has made us one of Bala Cynwyd's most respected lawn maintenance services. And with longstanding connections with the local community, it’s no surprise!

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